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Engine Gaming and Media, Inc. is traded publicly under the ticker symbol (NASDAQ:GAME)(TSXV:GAME). Engine provides premium social sports and esports gaming experiences, as well as unparalleled data analytics, marketing, advertising, and intellectual property to support its owned and operated direct-to-consumer properties while also providing these services to enable its clients and partners. Engine generates revenue through a combination of direct-to-consumer fees, streaming technology and data SaaS-based offerings, and programmatic advertising.

The company's subsidiaries include Stream Hatchet, the global leader in gaming video distribution analytics; Sideqik, a social influencer marketing discovery, analytics, and activation platform; Frankly Media, a digital publishing platform used to create, distribute and monetize content across all digital channels; and WinView Games, a social predictive play-along gaming platform for viewers to play while watching live events.

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